Who is Kelly Wayne?

Kelly Wayne Pierce was born in the 70's in Tampa, Fl., and was raised in Land O' Lakes, Fl. Kelly began playing music at a young age, but quit due to lack of discipline. He picked it back up in 1989 and wrote hit's like, A Father's Love, If You Can't Dream and Guiding Light. These were only hit's with the family though! In 1997 or so Kelly decided to quit music again. It wouldn't be until 2016 sitting in church that Mrs. Donna would tap Kelly on the back of the head with her fan and say, "Son, the Lord just told me that you're going to be writing and singing music again." Kelly replied, "No ma'am, I've retired from that." Mrs. Donna replied, "That's not what the Holy Spirit is telling me." Kelly replied, "Okay." Since 2016 Kelly has written many songs and most recently in 2022 Kelly wrote a song titled, "Hand In Hand With Christ" and was the Semi-Finalist in "Song of The Year" Songwriting Contest 2022. This award stirred Kelly's spirit and now he has written several new songs and is releasing his debut studio album on 4-7-2023 called Only You.

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