I Will Be A Light Of Hope Unto Others” - Kelly Wayne

— My Vision Statement from Power Training 2010

Kelly Wayne

I write, sing and perform original Christian songs that tell stories and bring light and hope to the children of God. I play both guitar and piano. 

I lost my dad in January 2022 and I wrote "Hand In Hand With Christ" and was the Semi-Finalist in the Song of The Year Songwriting Contest.

I went on to write more songs in 2022 and the Lord moved my spirit to hire Chris Sligh to produce my debut album "Only You"

Just Like The Rain

by kelly wayne

Produced by Chris Sligh

Debut Studio Album

Only You

Produced by Chris Sligh

1. Beauty Of The Cross

2. Just Like The Rain

3. Only You

4. You Died For Me

5. Castle Far Away

6. Where You Found Me

7. The Devil Can't Keep Me Down

8. Hand In Hand With Christ

9. In The Arms Of Jesus

10. Mercy & Grace

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